The Kingdom of Eswathini is a small, landlocked country covering a total area of 17,364 km² and is located in the southern part of Africa bordered by the Republic of Mozambique to the east and the rest by the Republic of South Africa. Known as the Switzerland of Africa, Swaziland comprises magnificent mountain scenery with unique, ancient rock formations, which are a source of fascination for geologists, scholars and visitors. Within this small area each feature of Africa’s terrain, apart from desert, is to be found. The Kingdom has four topographical and climatic areas ranging from 400 to 1800 metres above sea level, each with its own unique characteristics. The mountainous Highveld to the west features rivers, waterfalls and gorges and has a temperate climate of warm, wet summers and dry winters when the temperature can rise sharply during the day but with cold nights. The subtropical Middleveld, at a lower altitude, is made up of lush, fertile valleys and a warm climate that is ideal for cultivating a diversity of crops and it is here that much of the country’s agricultural activities occur. Further to the east is the Lowveld which is the largest region covering about 40% of the country, and is also subtropical. While this area is drought-prone, sugar cane is successfully grown commercially on a wide scale under irrigation for production of sugar as the country’s major export product. Cattle farming is also extensively carried out here. Much of the area is typically African bush where a wonderful profusion of indigenous wild life, birds and flora are found in protected areas. The smallest region is Lubombo, which borders with Mozambique and it is a subtropical area typified by mountainous scenery and supports abundant plant and animal life. In this region, mixed farming is the main activity carried out.

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