Games off to a Good Start

Games off to a Good Start

By Samuel Koka

After 18 months of careful and tireless planning of the Region 5 Youth Games Gaborone 2018 the team was happy that that the games kicked off on a good note.

At 8am of Thursday 06th the spectators were treated to netball games with the first match between South Africa and Malawi followed by Zambia and Namibia with the last game being that of the hosts against Zimbabwe.
Both teams exhibited an exhilarating performance from the first quarter which became clear that team RSA was taking it home leading the quarter with a 5 goals margin. Despite leading the match the team had low mental strength which led them to take with a landslide margin.

Malawi didn’t want to just lose the game and put more pressure against their opponents forcing them to make silly mistakes. At the blow of the last whistle South Africa had taken it with a 49 goals to 38 of Malawi.
The second match of the morning fixture was Zambia against Namibia. Though Namibia lost the game they put up a good fight. It was a marvel to watch as the future world netball icons demonstrate passion and skill towards the match. The game went to Zambia with 51 goals 28 of Namibia.
In the last fixture the spectators were most hopeful particularly of the host as it featured some of the world renowned faces of the Rea Ba Tsaya fame. It was disappointing to watch however as team Botswana lost the match from the first seconds of the game and Zimbabwe overpowered the girls mentally and tactically.

It became tougher for team Botswana to recover though the team coach tried to salvage the situation by making various substitutions but was too late, team Zimbabwe was already 10 goals ahead of Botswana and gained the momentum.

It was disappointing to watch the girls whom the nation is hopeful of as national team aspirants give in to pressure and ultimately losing the game. Team Botswana lost 24 goals to 54 of Zimbabwe.

In closing, it was refreshing to witness the fight demonstrated by the youngsters proving that the games are indeed off to a good start. It remains to be seen if teams will redeem themselves in their following games.

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